Wednesday, March 18, 2015 charming

Welcome Crafty trekkers I am so glad that you have stopped by. Before we get to my project lets take care of the business of PRIZES! Don't forget to go back and comment on the May Arts site for your chance to win 1 or 2 prizes packs...who can say no to fabulous new crafting supplies? NOT me! This stop on your journey brings you to a little out of the box use of the Epiphany Crafts products...

I created a fun spring necklace that gives the butterfly flight. I won't bore you with ALL the details and how to's but I will give you a few great tips I learned along  the way as I designed the project. As always if you have questions or would like to learn more on how to just ask. 


The first big trick of this project is making the bubble capped butterfly into a charm. Start as you would with any Epiphany punch/bubble then add another bubble to the back side of your paper. To create the hole heat up an awl or piercing tool with a heat gun then push the tip through the desired hole location. You will need to reheat your tool a couple times and push slowly though so as not to crack the bubble.

I used all white plastic pearls dyed to match the colors of the paper. Using Big Brush markers from Faber Castle gave the pearls a good cover then hit it with the heat gun to dry them completely.

 And finally the trick of getting the silk ribbon threaded through that wee little hole in the bead. I cut a 3-4 inch length of beading wire and folded in in half. With the 2 ends  together push through the hole thread the ribbon into the loop and pull. the perfect threader out of a scrap of beading wire! WIN!!

So what did I use to make this whimsical necklace you ask....well let me just tell you.

May Arts
1/8 inch Silk Ribbon SK-8

Butterly 25 and bubble caps

Ribbon clasps
Claw Closure
Jump Rings
Scrap of beading wire
fabric glue
Fiber Castle Big Brush markers

heat tool
awl/ piercing tool
jewelery pliers

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Monday, March 9, 2015

May Art Spring Release 2015

Welcome all! This hop will undoubtedly create a long want list of the most fabulous ribbons, so many great new ribbons to see. As per the usual there don't forget to head back and comment on the May Arts Blog for your chance to win free ribbon. Now onto my projects, firstly I have a head-cold so disregard the poor photography and what ever words that may seem a little garbled! Why is it that a stuffed up nose causes your brain to stop working?  Anyway...moving forward!

A simply stitched cuff with added studs is a quick and easy gift or accessory for  spirit day fastened with a snap for easy removal.

Woven ribbon make for a fun textile. Using a contrasting color for a pop of fun this little envelope will make the perfect phone clutch.

Creating hearts for your sweet little ones nursery. Soft and flexible it can be hung over the crib with no worry falling.

So did you love a project? You want to see a full tutorial? Comment below and I can be enticed to share all the details when my brain is clear of this stupid cold. ;)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Newstands Now...Faux Cathedral Window Table-runner

I am so very excited about the fresh look Craft ideas has launched this year. New features new look more issues!! It looks and feels fabulous. Go grab a copy and curl up with it in your comfy reading spot it is soo worth the time. My first project in the newly reworked Craft ideas is this fun Faux Cathedral Window Table-runner, the fresh spring fabrics from Riley Blake and fabulous distressed linen from my favorite linen source. I can't wait to have it back home on my own table!
Look for this project on page 12 of the Spring Craft ideas magazine for full instructions.

Friday, February 13, 2015

scattered banners a

welcome to my leg of the May Arts/ Faber Castelle Blog hop. I know I have been inspired but the offerings by the talented designers I hope you feel the same. As a quick reminder don't forget to head over to May Arts and comment for your chance to win the fabulous prizes. The giveaway - $50 prize pack of FC goodies and 3 rolls of May Arts Ribbon! How amazingly fun is that!!

I just love the color and texture of the gelatos on the book pages especially because it doesn't cover up the words. I played with many different options...blending colors and adding more ribbon...but in the end the simplicity of this card made me smile.  I hadn't intended to use the negative banners when I started but I just couldn't resist once I punched the flags. The flexibility of the products will lead to more and more projects but for today... this makes me happy.

This is what I used....

May Arts

1/8 in silk ribbon, SK10 - BLACK

Faber Caster
Gelatos Designer Colors - Tropical (#770162)
Stamper's Big White Pen (#770013) 

Other supplies:

Card stock
banner punch
mask (for the dots)
old book pages

If you missed a step in the journey here is a map to help you find your way.






Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love is in bloom

Sometimes I need an excuse to make something make something decorative for my house. I don't do alot of "selfish sewing" or crafting for that matter. I was asked to make center pieces for a church function...a gathering of ladies...I was sent several links to web picks with twigs and hanging hearts, since the theme was Valentines Day it seemed appropriate. Of course I had to change it up a little, make it my own. My intent when going to the fabric store was to find simple valentine holiday cottons with hearts but when I got there their clearance table was all marked down to $2.95 of lower! When I found this fabulous wool fabric normally $30+ dollars a yard I couldn't help myself and abandoned all notions of using novelty cottons.

Once I had the victories shopping trip complete it was time to get my hearts underway.

All you need is:

cotton batting
thread (I used a heavier weight thread for impact)
 These hearts are as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. cut the hearts from fabric and batting, 2 fabric pieces for each batting piece.
2. pin in ribbon loop.
3. sew around the edges about 1/8 in from the edge.

Then onto the jars.
I painted the canning jar with chalky paint, Micheal's has quite a few options in chalky paints, at least 3 brands and about a dozen or so colors. After the pant dried I hit the high points with a little sand paper and gave the jar a distressed look. I filled the jars with twigs and tied some of my favorite May Arts ribbons around the neck. Grossgrain Stripe, Velvet and Crochet lace.
They looked awesome on the tables at the event and now I have this cuteness at my house! 
win win win

What shall I hang from the branches next?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Etched Banner

A little glass etched banner swag trimming the top of a jar will be the perfect gift when filled with ooodles of heart shaped jellybeans.  I abandoned all my die cuts, punches and electric cutters for a wax pencil and an hobby knife! I know I know with such amazing tools at hand why on earth abandon them! But sometimes you just have to flex those crafting muscles and show the other tools that you got this you don't have to rely on them for every job, yes you still love them, but you got this! They will understand I'm sure.

This is what you need:

wax pencil
Glass container
about 20 minutes!

1. (this is not the normal start but works great when contouring to the shape of a roundish or odd shaped item) Adhere etchmask to cleaned glass container, draw design on mask with wax pencil. 
2. Cut design along drawn lines with wax pencil, a sharpie could work too but I liked the flexibility of the wax pencil that I could rub off and fix my design as I desired, remove areas of mask to be etched using etchall Detail Pick Tool. Smooth to make sure all edges of mask are tight to the glass.
3. Spread Etchall cream over design area liberally with etchall squeegee. Follow directions on the bottle to complete etched design. 

Don't forget to save the creme you can scrap off your project before you rinse...put it right back in the bottle!! You can use it again and again! Etchall is kinda a magic potion that turns your design to realitity...realistically it's science making art but I like the reveal...feels more like magic to me. ;)

Friday, January 30, 2015

May Arts Valentines Hop: Tulle Fluff Wreath with Heart Sprinkles

Welcome hoppers! I am sure your journey to be inspired for you happy heart day preparations has been productive and to help your valentines day perfect don't forget to hop back to the May Arts blog and comment for your chance to win free ribbon!!!! There will be 2 could be one of them.
I know tulle wreath are not a fresh idea but they sure do make me smile. This cute little wreath includes a sweet sprinkle of a hearts.

This is how simple it is...

Tie strips of heart "sprinkles", aka 1 Inch Sheer/Heart Edge Ribbon, evenly spaced around wreath so you have an even coverage, depending on wreath size 1/2-inch to an inch apart will do just fine. Fill in the remainder of frame with Tulle. I created a hanger with Woven Houndstooth Ribbon. This is a simple project that can be done while sitting on the sofa watching your favorite sappy Hallmark movie. Enjoy!

May Arts:
1 Inch Sheer/Heart Edge Ribbon, FZ14 Red
3 Inch Tulle,  471-3-14 Red (I used a full spool! :) )
1.5 Inch Woven Houndstooth / Nylon Edge Ribbon, 435-15-14 Red

Other Supplies:
Wreath base (I found mine under a pile of holiday tinsel at the Dollar Store...snip snip and it was clear and ready for my project!)  

Thanks for hopping by enjoy your continued journey.

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