Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hair Affirmations with Deflecto

Back to school brings the morning routine back into full gear. I don't know about you but with my girls that means dealing with bad hair days. You know those mornings are inevitable "mom, I can't go to school my hair just ...". Well ladies and gents here is a little hair affirmation that should be read every morning to eliminate the morning whine. "There are NO bad hair days ONLY opportunities to Accessories" say it with me and believe it "There are NO bad hair days ONLY opportunities to Accessories". Ah don't you already feel more relaxed thinking about doing your hair tomorrow?

Here is what you need:
Printed "Hair Affirmation" 5x7
Ribbon to make hair bow or just your favorite clips 
Bow Supplies:
Ribbon (I used...May Arts 1.5 inch chevron and 7/8 Inch Grosgrain Horizontal Stripes)
hot glue gun and glue
silicon mat (keeps the hot glue where it needs to be..aka not on your kitchen table or counter)
hair clip

Here is all you have to do:
1. Load printed "Hair Affirmation" into Beveled Edge Frame 5"x7" Item Number: 799593CR


2. Fold  5/8 inch White Elastic Ribbon in half and tie a knot. Wrap around frame.

3. Create bow or skip to step 7.  
4. Fold ribbon in staggered loops as illustrated.  The wider the loops the bigger your if you are anticipating a REALLY bad hair day go big! I recommend starting with 3 -inch loops.

5. Using needle and thread stitch along center of loops. Pull thread tight and wrap thread around center of bow and tie off with a knot.  On a 3 inch piece of matching ribbon tie knot in center.

6. Wrap knotted ribbon around bow with knot facing at center of front and hot glue in place. Trim any excess ribbon and glue clip in place (I used a combo clip, I like to clip it to an elastic headband.)

7.  Clip bows to elastic ribbon on frame. Now you are set and ready for your next morning routine.

Happy Crafting and may the Accessories be always in your favor!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sundae Candle Pedestal: Etchall

I love making something old new again. I was cleaning out my cupboards of those items that got shoved to the back because they never get used and came across this little sundae dish. I haven't used it in like 5 years so clearly it was a crucial space holder in my kitchen for far too long. So here is what I did to change it up...

Here's what you need:

etchall dip 'n etch liquid
Enamels Gloss Finish Acrylic Paint 4130E Sterling Silver
TintIT, Jade
sundae dish

optional: oven


1. Clean and dry Sundae dish.

2. Pour etchall dip 'n etch liquid into dish. Let set for 15 minutes, poor etchall liquid back into container and wash dish.

Etching the inside of the dish gives the glass tooth to hold the paint in the next step.

3. In a disposable container mix a little water in with your Acrylic paint and pour paint into dish. Roll the dish around to get a nice even coverage.

4. Turn dish right side down and let dry for 1 hour, paint will drip place on a paper bag to catch drips. Place in cool oven for 30 minutes as directed on paint. Carefully pull from oven and let cool.

5. Spray with TintIt for a shear coat of color. Let dry.

Once a you place pillar candle on this sweet dish you will start digging deeper in your cupboards to see what other pieces you can etch and paint to match.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, August 3, 2015

gotta Bee etchall

Perfect for a hot summer day. This lidded jar with straw can be filled with treats and gifted or just loaded up with your favorite cool beverage. Following a few simple step you can have a set of fabulous bee jars.

Here is what you need:

etchall Detail Pick Tool
etchall squeegee
digital cutter
tongue depressor (not required but kinda handy.)

Here is what you do:
  1. Cut bee in etchall® etchmask with electronic cutter. This particular bee is a Cricut design.
  2. Remove all excess pieces of etchall® etchmask with etchall Detail Pick Tool to create desired design. 
  3. Apply etchmask™ transfer sheets over slick side of etchall® etchmask. Remove paper backing.
  4. Apply etchall® etchmask sticky side down on jar. Smooth on flat side of jar. I left a tongue depressor on the sticky side of the etchall® etchmask edge to control runoff and for easy peeling when the time comes.
5. Apply etchall® etching crème liberally over design. Let stand as directed on packaging.

6. Scrap off etchall® etching crème and return as much as you can back to the jar. (love that this magic creme is reusable!) Peel mask away and rinse remaining etchall® etching crème from glass.

7. This is the point I always stop and stare. Love the magic of = art (you can choose to skip step 7 and move right on to 8.)

8. Embellish you jar with a lovely piece of ribbon. I used May Arts 1.5 Inch Twill / Chevron Stripes Ribbon in yellow.

happy crafting! <3 Jennifer

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

UP in my Treehouse...MayArts/Stampendous Hop

May Arts is offering a fantastic prize $25 at so head over and check out all the details on

As summer is so busy I am keeping it simple. This stamp feels like a lazy summer day... I stamped it on a piece of filter paper and colored it with water color pencils. The translucent nature of the filter paper is fun to play with so I layered it over  newsprint style paper. My card base is a chalkboard paper that I distressed with a sanding block. Tying the burlap and velvet ric rac ribbons is a fun pop of color and texture.


3/8 Inch Velvet Ric Rac Ribbon: WR14 - RED

Stampedous - Tree House

Stazon - Gray
filter paper
water color pencils
water brush
newprint paper

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit ALL of my talented Ribbonista Sisters following the links below.





Thursday, April 23, 2015

nautical baby block

Welcome Baby Hoppers! Such a fun reason to trek from blog to blog isn't it? As you are probably an experienced blog traveler you know that May Arts hops ALWAYS come with fantastic opportunities to win ribbon...this hop is no different. Be sure to comment on the May Arts side for your chance to win baby ribbons  

For this hop I wanted to make something fun. I have to say I had a lot of fun choosing what quilting design I was going to do on each panel, you can go simple or super fancy. The added ribbon makes a great handle for little hands to hold and play with.

Here is what you need:

7/8 Inch Grosgrain Horizontal Stripes, 522-78 

Fabric, I used Anna Griffin: True Blue 

Thread, I used a thicker 12wt for impact


Basic Sewing supplies: Sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutting supplies

Here's How:

 1. Cut 6 squares and quilt a layer of batting to back with the 12wt thread. 

2. Trim edges to square and pin looped ribbon in place.

3. Sew 4 squares in a row with a 1/2 inch seam...starting  and stopping 1/2 inch from edge of fabric. L

4. Sew top and bottom in place leaving opening on one side to turn right side out.
5. Turn right side out and fill with fiberfill.
6. Hand sew opening closed.
7. Hand to your little munckin' for hours of fun.

This was a fun quick project , I may have to make a few more for shower gifts.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your journey.



Thursday, April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness: Fidgets

I am honored to participate is such a fabulous post with May Arts. My project is super quick but so useful. The idea behind a fidget is simple...Fidgets are small items that keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed, and minds focused. Silent fidgets can be a helpful tool to help at homework time, and while in stressful situations like in a restaurant, on a school bus or in a waiting room. These  little items can be made of scraps of fabrics with unique and interesting textures. My kids have all run off with my fidgets...some have attempted juggling others have used them for target practice...but regardless of what they are used for you should dig through your fabric stash and make a dozen or so.

Here is what you need:

Fabric: a nice soothing texture
Fill: a non toxic fill with weight like rice or Poly Fill Stuffing beads 

Sewing supplies: sewing machine, thread, sewing needles.

1. Cut fabric to size 4-inch x 6 inch. Cut 6 -inch piece of elastic.

2. Fold fabric in half with right sides facing, pin folded elastic ribbon at fold, as shown. Sew around open sides  with 1/4-inch seams leaving an inch or so opening.
3. Turn right side out. Fill and hand sew closed.

That's it! You have and hand full of fidgets in no time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 charming

Welcome Crafty trekkers I am so glad that you have stopped by. Before we get to my project lets take care of the business of PRIZES! Don't forget to go back and comment on the May Arts site for your chance to win 1 or 2 prizes packs...who can say no to fabulous new crafting supplies? NOT me! This stop on your journey brings you to a little out of the box use of the Epiphany Crafts products...

I created a fun spring necklace that gives the butterfly flight. I won't bore you with ALL the details and how to's but I will give you a few great tips I learned along  the way as I designed the project. As always if you have questions or would like to learn more on how to just ask. 


The first big trick of this project is making the bubble capped butterfly into a charm. Start as you would with any Epiphany punch/bubble then add another bubble to the back side of your paper. To create the hole heat up an awl or piercing tool with a heat gun then push the tip through the desired hole location. You will need to reheat your tool a couple times and push slowly though so as not to crack the bubble.

I used all white plastic pearls dyed to match the colors of the paper. Using Big Brush markers from Faber Castle gave the pearls a good cover then hit it with the heat gun to dry them completely.

 And finally the trick of getting the silk ribbon threaded through that wee little hole in the bead. I cut a 3-4 inch length of beading wire and folded in in half. With the 2 ends  together push through the hole thread the ribbon into the loop and pull. the perfect threader out of a scrap of beading wire! WIN!!

So what did I use to make this whimsical necklace you ask....well let me just tell you.

May Arts
1/8 inch Silk Ribbon SK-8

Butterly 25 and bubble caps

Ribbon clasps
Claw Closure
Jump Rings
Scrap of beading wire
fabric glue
Fiber Castle Big Brush markers

heat tool
awl/ piercing tool
jewelery pliers

Thanks soo much for stopping by!

Enjoy your journey...
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